Soulmates, A Poem

When two people are strongly drawn toward each other

For a certain period of time

My observation is that they may 

Share emotional experiences or are

Going through similar emotional changes

Soul-tied people feeling the same type of ways

Two worlds apart

Just to come together and bond

Through not only words, but through energy

Through the feelings exchanged through their eyes

Through the things that make them both happy,

Through the things that make them both laugh,

Through the things that cause them both pain.

In each other, they seek comfort and guidance

Perhaps they see a glimpse of themselves in the other

Two people always have a reason to meet 

During a specific time or period of their lives.

There is also always a reason

For two to part ways if that is how they progress

There is usually a life-altering lesson

That two walk away with, if they choose to see it

That serves them well in their future endeavors. 

But when soulmates meet,

Every experience they have had and every lesson they have learned 

Serve tremendous uses when they

Fight to preserve their love and stay together

In a world where there is always pressure to be torn apart

There will come a time when

Two souls are so intertwined 

Once everything has been said and done

That parting ways should be inconceivable 

There will be disagreements and fights

Maybe one will try to run away from their home

But when their love is truly worth it 

They should choose to put their selfishness and ignorance aside

To fight for something so fragile and vulnerable 

To eventually turn the fragility into strength and 


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